The Talent for Quality

The passion for innovation drives us to improve and create new technological solutions for our customers and their companies, because quality passes through the digitization of business processes bringing benefits not only to companies, but also to the people who work there

TiQ is Quintiq System Integrator

DELMIA Quintiq provides companies with solutions to model, plan and optimize business operations from start to finish.The solutions are used to plan and optimize complex production networks, optimize complicated logistics activities, plan and schedule a large and geographically distributed workforce.
Key features include: predictive and prescriptive data analysis, forecasting, alternative scenario planning (what-if analysis), collaborative decision making, outage management and production scheduling.

Technological Partners

Techsol and Tiq, two consulting firms e software development that deal with the optimization of business management, providing both MES solutions, which allow manufacturing companies to obtain information quickly and concisely on the progress of the various production processes, and Supply Chain Optimization solutions, for better address the needs of production planning and scheduling.