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Solutions for Industry 4.0 – The technological infrastructure that allows to innovate company production processes

Our proposal for the Internet of Things is mainly based on the adoption of the best communication infrastructure for the specific needs of the customer, and above all on the use of Beacon devices for data collection, all within a logic of consistent and well-defined business. The areas of application of our solution are different, such as the localization of items and geo-localized marketing.

Communication infrastructures for the company

The first fundamental aspect in providing efficient data collection systems is to use the most appropriate communication infrastructure. The possibilities are numerous and differ according to the needs of each individual customer:

  • Use the data network made available by telephony providers
  • Use the WiFi network that may be present in the production sites
  • Create a LoRa infrastructure, ie a long-range data network
  • Use the Sigfox network available on a subscription basis

Each communication infrastructure is designed for a specific application context, therefore TiQ makes its know-how available in the selection and optimization of these networks. Once the most suitable infrastructure has been defined, it is essential to find the tools that allow data collection, which usually identify themselves with Beacon devices.

Beacon – The Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) infrastructure

In light of the considerations just made, let’s explain how a BLE corporate infrastructure is composed. The main components are essentially two:

• The Antennas – Anchors
• The Beacon devices

The antennas of this infrastructure make use of two distinct modes of communication: the first uses Bluetooth technology and allows them to communicate with the devices that collect data in the field, while the second mode consists of a transmission channel consistent with the corporate infrastructure. already existing communication (Wifi, GPRS / 5G, LoRa, Sigfox etc.).

The other fundamental component is represented by the Beacon devices, which have a single transmission channel which, obviously, is the bluetooth low energy one. Through these devices it is possible to send to the receiving antennas any type of information in real time and very quickly. The enormous advantage of this type of tools is that they guarantee a very low energy consumption and consequently a long life of the battery that powers them. A Beacon device, in fact, can work for years without ever discharging, thus ensuring continuity in the data collection process and a reduction in management costs.


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According to TiQ’s experience, gained in 20 years of development and updating, there are 3 main application areas in which our solutions have been most used:


This is one of the main applications of these devices, since the BLE architecture allows natively to determine the position of a Beacon, which in turn communicates with antennas placed inside a closed area thanks to the reception of the RSSi signal.


The security sector represents one of the privileged sectors for the application of our solution. In fact, it allows the automatic verification of the presence of individual protection devices or also of the presence of the machinery necessary for the correct performance of a given task. Let’s think, for example, of an ambulance that must guarantee the presence and correct functioning of the medical equipment inside.


This was perhaps one of the first application areas for which these tools were designed and used. Thanks to this technology, in fact, it is possible to trace the presence in a certain area of ​​a beacon device (such as the smartphone for example) and to be able to act actively on it, sending it relevant marketing communications.


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