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Born from the desire of six friends who decided to “join forces” to offer their customers a wider range of skills, in the early years TiQ mainly devoted itself to training activities in the IT field.

It is the contacts that he has built over time thanks to training activities that subsequently open them to increasingly interesting IT projects in different work environments, from Telcos to insurance companies, from pharmaceutical logistics companies, to service companies, up to the environment. industrial.

Our passion at your service

We are often called upon to solve difficult problems because, as quality-conscious people, we are able to find the optimal and customized solution to obsolete or inadequate IT systems for the true needs of the company and the people who work there.
Thanks to 20 years of experience in multiple and different realities, we have developed solutions that integrate into the business process, significantly improving its functionality, with benefits on production and reducing times and costs.

Working well not only allows economic benefits, but allows people to work more peacefully for the benefit of the company itself

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Process Optimization

Industrial IoT

Professional Service

System Support

Cut Optimizer

Smart Industry

Digital Transfomation

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