TiQ Networking

We have been dealing with the management of complex IT infrastructures for twenty years

We guarantee not only technical skills, but a consolidated methodology aimed at optimizing the service offered.
We cater to alltransportation and service manufacturing companies that see IT infrastructure as the foundation of their success. We use a simple and consolidated approach to ensure the reliability of IT systems.
We analyze network traffic, verify transactions and application responses and ensure continuous monitoring by positioning ourselves at the heart of the network and within the application structures.

We support companies with IT infrastructure monitoring solutions and services

TiQ is able to be at the side of companies in identifying possible critical issues before blockages occur to the services provided, intervening immediately both on equipment and systems and on critical services.

In fact, thanks to the experience of his team, TiQ is able to identify the causes of malfunctions in a very short time, aggregating the data coming from the various heterogeneous monitoring systems to identify the criticalities and identifying the real performance of the IT infrastructure, but not only.

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Operation Management

Safety in the company is fundamental


Our infrastructure services ensure that your goals are achieved in the most efficient and effective way possible. We increase your versatility by allowing you to respond faster to opportunities


The strength of a company is equal to that of its network, in fact companies that are closely connected to customers and suppliers are able to act more quickly and decisively. ICT has become a valuable tool and infrastructure it should know how to adapt

24/7 Support

More and more companies are redefining working hours. This is why the 24-hour system and application management are crucial. Our technologies are ready to provide them with convenient external access to corporate systems.

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