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Smart solutions to make factories more efficient

TiQ’s industries offer is structured and comes from years of experience. Our solutions are designed to make factories more efficient. The companies we target are mainly manufacturing companies. Our suite of products allows us to better manage production lines (typically identified as level 2 software) and to coordinate a factory as a whole (MES Software). we guarantee an increase in the control of the production process to make it more efficient thanks to lower costs and increased productivity.


Our solutions are the result of years of experience in the field and collaborations with the main companies operating in the market for the supply of products for the effective management of the production process. We integrate both third-party products and products developed directly by TiQ. is developed with the most modern technologies to guarantee our customers the adoption of a state-of-the-art solution. We manage business processes that allow companies to have 100% functional coverage. quality of manufactured products, analysis laboratories, shipping and management of the maintenance process are all monitored processes and, thanks to the reporting section, we can have a summary view of what happens in the company.


Inserting a structured solution into the company such as an MES brings with it significant technical and organizational assessments, we can help you do this in the best possible way. That is why, before starting any project and formulating any economic proposal, we propose to carry out a phase of preliminary analysis to verify what the real needs of our customers are and, based on these, we agree on the correct scope of supply. We believe that the organizational model of the Supply Chain is one of the differentiating factors of companies and therefore must be customized and valued at The initial analysis is a key factor in correctly addressing a successful project.

Completed projects
Active Customers
Interfaced Machines


Our goal is to provide a solution that fully reflects the customer’s needs.

For this reason, we want our product to adapt to customer needs and not vice versa.

We have structured our application so that this is always possible fast and safe.

Supply Chain the key to corporate competitiveness

The mere offering of software products is no longer sufficient to optimize a company’s processes
TiQ combines a complete offer of software products with a deep understanding of business processes to ensure a real optimization of the Supply Chain



  • Better control of the production process
  • Better use of company resources
  • Correct evaluation of production trends
  • Correct evaluation of production costs
  • Check of stocks
  • Simplification of the activity for company personnel
  • Analysis of static or dynamic bottlenecks

Product Structure

• Back end
software layer for managing communication between external ERP APS applications etc and factory software. Manages the application infrastructure services

• Front end
the software part that allows interaction with users

• Vertical Applications
are all the verticals that allow the management of individual business processes

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