TiQ Maintenance

The innovative platform proposed by TiQ that allows to guarantee the optimal maintenance of the plants, thanks to the modern and complete application structure and the adoption of the most effective artificial intelligence algorithms

TiQ Maintenance is the technological solution that allows your company to have an accurate mapping of its machinery, always checking in real time the state of use, but above all to plan, assign and effectively evaluate the necessary maintenance interventions of the system.

How we manage the maintenance process

The solution we propose is a new software capable of managing the entire maintenance process on several levels, guaranteeing the manager the certainty that all systems are always maintained in the best possible way. Interventions are managed:


Reactive type, i.e. the immediate assignment to the operator in charge of an emergency intervention to resolve any sudden failure / malfunction of the machine.

Cyclical, ie the programming of a series of basic maintenance interventions that must be carried out periodically during the pre-established stop of the entire line.

Preventive, i.e. the intervention of a technician for the replacement of worn components on the basis of the data collected and provided by the platform, thus avoiding the stall of the entire line and therefore of the production process.

Approach to the Solution

Going into the specifics of our platform, we can see how this is extremely useful for all those companies that own different machines and want to manage them better. In fact, this solution not only allows our customers to organize their ordinary and extraordinary maintenance operations quickly and effectively, but above all allows the efficiency of this fundamental strategic activity.

Our solution allows in a simple way to create the tree of each single plant that needs to be maintained, also creating any sub-levels of the tree, which will accurately describe its main components, arriving at the detail that the company considers useful.

However, what characterizes TiQ Maintenance is the fluidity of its work flow. In fact, our platform allows the staff in charge to report any failure or the need for an imminent inspection to the maintenance manager, who can subsequently assign the repair intervention that is deemed necessary to the specialized technician. The latter must only confirm that he has taken charge of the task entrusted to him, and subsequently provide a report about his intervention, which will subsequently be analyzed by the maintenance technician, who in turn will issue a report on the successful resolution of the reported problem.

In addition to reporting an operator, the work flow process can be triggered more simply by the list of activities to be carried out, automatically assigned to the employees in charge of this type of intervention. This type of organization allows unprecedented speed of communication between operators, also guaranteeing maximum simplicity of approach thanks to a simple and intuitive interface.



The TiQ Maintenance solution is particularly useful and effective for those companies where the plant maintenance process is a differentiating factor

  • Manufacturing companies, and especially the metalworking sector;
  • The automotive, or that sector that includes all those companies that deal with the production of automated tools.
  • Companies in the food supply chain to ensure even higher product quality
  • The transport services offered by airlines and railways, but also by bus and road haulage.

Why equip yourself with a Predictive Maintenance solution?



  • Reduction of downtime and intervention times: with constant monitoring it is possible to intervene in advance before the failure occurs, so as not to cause excessive discontinuity during the production process. Furthermore, thanks to the communication between operators, the intervention staff are always prepared and informed about the breakdown and the replacement / repair they will operate.
  • Increased safety standards for the workers involved in the operation of the machines: thanks to the continuous checks carried out through the platform, the probability of accidents and injuries at work is radically reduced.
  • Increase in revenues: by reducing standstill times for the intervention, production suffers less delays, thus favoring the increase in revenues. Furthermore, carrying out such rigorous maintenance will only extend the life of the machinery and decrease the number of necessary interventions, and therefore also in this case we are witnessing a reduction in costs with an increase in general productivity.
  • In-depth analysis of plant performance: the TiQ Maintenance solution allows you to study in depth the mapping of automations and their activity, allowing the company to improve its production process.

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