TiQ optimizes your business decisions

Thanks to many years invested in research and development, TiQ has created an optimization engine that allows you to find optimal solutions to complex problems

Optimizing the use of resources and improving the effectiveness of the decision making process are just two of the countless advantages that our TiQ Optimizer is able to offer for solving problems related to the logistics, production and finance sectors.

Improve business decision making

One of the secrets to the success of your business is certainly to always make the best choice. Correct decisions often result in an increase in the volume of revenues, doing the right thing at the right time will not only allow you to save on the resources used, but also to improve the efficiency and quality of your services, and with them also the image of your brand.

So how can you improve your decision making process and get the desired results?

Through mathematical optimization, which aims precisely to maximize the availability of your business resources, thus increasing the quality of business performance and the speed of the services offered. In this way you will always be able to find the best solution for every problem that your company will have to face.

In fact, one must always start from the awareness that no corporate resource is truly inexhaustible (whether it be of an economic, technological or human nature), and that therefore it is necessary to optimize its use, so as to be able to obtain more, using less. In this way you will allow your business to obtain immediate results from the first application (in terms of cost cutting), but above all you will have the certainty of guaranteeing greater longevity for your business thanks to the saving of its resources. Finally, it is good to underline how the acquisition of all these technologies can help you in the process of improving your corporate reputation and your level of trust, showing you in the eyes of your customers and competitors as a solid, professional and avant-garde company.


How we operate

But how exactly does this resource optimization process work?

Our TiQ Optimizer is mainly dedicated to the optimization of the Supply Chain, and the offer is divided into 3 clear and well-established steps:

  • Analysis of the company production process by our team of business strategy experts: thanks to our many years of experience in the field of innovation and the precious help of our consultants, we are able to carry out in-depth analyzes on the status of your business and therefore to propose the most suitable solution for your business reality.
  • Integration of company data and pre-existing platforms to the new proposed solution: thanks to the completed analysis and the elasticity of our services, it is possible to integrate our digital platform without any obstacle with those your company already has. In this way you will not have to give up on the investments already made, but you can only maximize them.
  • Commissioning of the TiQ Optimizer: after having carried out all the preliminary analyzes, our experts will take care of finding the solution that best suits your needs, guaranteeing you a quality and immediately effective service. In fact, our mission is always oriented towards the continuous and constant improvement of your production process.

Areas of use

Mathematical optimization is an analytical process that finds many applications in the most disparate market sectors. Over the years TiQ has been able to skillfully implement the effectiveness of its platform, but above all its flexibility in adapting to the specific conditions and requests expressed by our customers. For these reasons, the areas of use and use of our innovation range from the Supply Chain, to the industrial cutting of materials, to the allocation of warehouse spaces, up to the exploitation of resources for production lines. Where there is the possibility to optimize resources, TiQ is always at your service with the best of its technological skills.




Why equip with optimization engines

The mere offering of software products is no longer sufficient to optimize a company’s processes
TiQ combines a complete offering of software products with a deep understanding of business processes to ensure real optimization



• Better control of the production process to be analyzed
• Better use of the evaluated company resources
• Correct evaluation of the analyzed trends
• Correct evaluation of the production costs
• Verification of the allocation of the material
• Simplification of the activities for the company staff
• Analysis of bottlenecks static or dynamic


Product Structure

  • Search Engine
    Search engine based on Artificial Intelligence algorithms
  • Optimization Engine
    Refinement algorithms and search for the best
  • Data Integration
    Model for solving specific problems

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