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We offer innovative solutions for the automation of the production process

TiQ’s offer for industrial automation is the product of years of experience gained alongside large steel companies. There our mission is to help our customers to efficiently manage technological modernization projects and the automation of the production lines of the plant.

How we operate

TiQ is well aware of the dynamics that exist within the industrial sector, so it has decided to put its know-how at the service of this business area. Technological progress really seems unstoppable, and keeping up with the times is the key to staying competitive in this globalized market. After years of experience in the field, it is now clear that automation is one of the most important aspects to convert a factory into a true Industry 4.0.

In general, before starting any project and formulating any economic proposal, we propose a first preliminary analysis process to verify what the real needs of our customers are, and based on these we agree on the correct scope of supply.
The goal we always keep in mind when making any industrial automation solution is to guarantee production continuity, or to avoid stalling the production lines of the plant by any means.

Solutions for industrial automation

The technological solutions offered by TiQ for industrial automation and conversion to Industry 4.0 are many. In particular we offer:

  • Support to our customers in the implementation of software on the most common PLC platforms (Siemens, Rockwell, GE, etc)
    • Implementation of supervision with i most common SCADA on the market
    • Software development for integration and data collection with complex field systems
    • Development of process control solutions
    • Automation software revamping

The offers we offer are developed with the most modern technologies available on the market, with the clear intention of guaranteeing our customers the adoption of a state-of-the-art solution. In this way the plant will be able to really increase its production efficiency, also thanks to the optimization of company resources.



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A fundamental aspect in dealing with industrial automation projects correctly is having complete knowledgethe technological field that will need to be supported. In fact, after a careful analysis of the current situation, it is necessary to understand which technologies and tools are deemed necessary to adopt the solution that is deemed most appropriate.
Thanks to the numerous projects managed, our experience has allowed us to consolidate a significant know-how on the entire Siemens infrastructure, starting from PLCs up to SCADA products, but also Rockwell and GE.

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