TiQ Digital Transformation

Seize the opportunity or accept a slow but inexorable decline!

We help your company in the digital transformation process a change now necessary to increase the efficiency, strength and longevity of your business. Thanks to our experience and our technologies, we help companies to maintain and acquire more and more competitiveness on the market.


How we operate

Digital transformation is a process that everyone is part of, because it not only involves companies and the economy, but also has a specific weight in the daily life of each of us. It is an epochal change that leaves no sector a way out, and that leads all of us to accept the change in order to keep up with the times.

Thanks to the experience gained over the years by TiQ, your company will be constantly assisted in its technological modernization process, guaranteeing you important results for the strengthening and updating of your business. In fact, it is of fundamental importance that your company is followed by a company that has made the values ​​of development and research its own, but that also possesses the right know-how about the technological implications that this development process entails. The change not only brings with it the use of new technologies, but also a new managerial approach to the operational management of the company. These new skills will be necessary in order to make the best use of the new digital platforms, and will be particularly useful for your innovation process.

Better decisions

Make the best decisions and optimize your resources.

The decision making process is of fundamental importance for the success of your business, because from correct decisions come greater revenues and revenues. For this reason, at TiQ we thought it was of fundamental importance to assist you during this decision-making process, both through our managerial skills, but above all through the support of our technologies and digital skills. It is precisely in these areas that our solutions based on mathematical algorithms and operational research make the difference, because these tools will allow you to optimize your resources in the best possible way, always guaranteeing you the best choice. Thanks to our technologies you can significantly optimize the Supply Chain, in order to be better than your competitors and operate more and more efficiently.


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Digital transformation also means having to improve your efficiency and production speed, and this upgrade of business performance will only increase the prestige around your brand, thus also increasing your level of trust and customer loyalty. Giving a high-tech image of your business means being open to innovation, and this will lead you to gain greater credibility and success in your sector.

In this modernization process, however, it is essential to always be supported by companies that can support you along this growth path, guaranteeing the supply of advanced digital platforms that allow you to interface with new online markets and plan your next communication and marketing campaigns, but especially also the  technical support for their correct use.

Omnichannel, value services for its current and potential customers

Despite being in the last place as an area of benefit, the new concepts of Integrated Multichannel Customer Management are among the objectives and results par excellence linked to the digitalization process of companies, and where it is also easier to demonstrate the quantitative return of investments in technologies. digital (together with the automation of operational processes). The ability to reach new customer segments lies both in the preliminary ability to know how to identify them, and in the ability to integrate offline and online, web and social, mobile and fixed channels in a “natural and transparent” way.

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